Support Local Farmers as Summer Approaches

Governor Cooper announced that North Carolina would start Phase 1 of reopening on May 8th at 5pm—depending on which county you reside in. Although the state has begun to re-open it is clear that it will take some time for the residents in North Carolina to feel back to ‘normal’ and for our businesses to go back to ‘normal’.

For the time being schools remain committed to online learning for students. Gyms remain closed and will most likely remain closed until Phase 3. Phase 1 allowed for parks to reopen allowing residents to go to parks and walk, workout and enjoy fresh air.

Local businesses are able to open but will be expected to follow health guidelines. Alongside local businesses, Local farmers are open and running! These farmers continue to produce local vegetables and fruit for their communities.

Many local farmers allow residents to come to their patches and pick their own produce. DJ’s Berry Patch in Apex is open and is a great place for families to come and pick their own strawberries or buy homemade strawberry ice-cream, home-made strawberry vinaigrette as well strawberry preservatives. As well as strawberries, DJ’s have a calendar for customers to see what other produce may be available, click here to view the calendar. If you are interested in supporting DJ’s, DJ’s Berry Patch is located off Highway 64, right off Davis Drive in the town of Apex.

Porter Farms and Nursey is another option for families looking to pick their own strawberries this season. Porter Farms and Nursey is located in Raleigh as well as Willow Springs. Each location gives customers the option to pick their own strawberries as well as seasonal stands that allows customers to buy other produce.

Local farmers work tirelessly throughout the entire year to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to the residents in North Carolina and around the country. While many local businesses have shut down and are beginning to re-open, Raleigh’s Local Farmer’s Market is open. Visitors to the local farmers market are asked to respect CDC guidelines. For the time being restaurants at the farmers market will remain closed until further notice.

The farmer’s market is a great place to not support one local farmer but numerous as there is a wonderful selection of fresh produce from numerous venodrs. As well as produce the farmer’s market is home to a wide variety of options for customers. Customers can purchase locally grown flowers, soil, fruit, vegetables as well as meat, dairy products and pastries. 

Raleigh Farmer’s Market is located at 1201 Agriculture St., Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 and is open Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm.

As North Carolina slowly begins to reopen we hope that you continue to support your local farmers and businesses.