SMILE Camp offering In-Person and On-line Summer Camps

North Carolina has entered Phase 2 of restrictions due to Covid-19 and with that, SMILE Camp will be able to offer their exciting and fun summer camp. The camps enrollment will be more limited in order to adhere to all the CDC guidelines. Because the camp has over 12,000 square feet of space, they have been able to create separate workstations for each student which are 8 feet apart. They are very excited to get the camps started!

SMILE camp inspires students from K-12 to have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). Ten years ago, SMILE Camp was created to address the needs of intellectually gifted students and help these students explore science with their peers. The camp began in the engineering labs and classrooms at NCSU. Over this time period, over 300 unique experiments have been completed by the students. These experiments have influenced thousands of students with a passion for STEAM.

The experiments that are conducted at SMILE camp are hands on and let the students explore and experiment together under the guidance of Engineering students from North Carolina State University. The camp has over 30 options for students to choose from. It is priority that the camps have applicable options for all ages which is why SMILE Camp provides camps from Kindergarten all the way to 12th Grade.

However, if you or your child are uncomfortable attending camp in-person because of Covid-19, your child can participate on-line through Zoom from the safety of your home in any summer camp program. SMILE Camp will send you a kit with all the necessary supplies. Choose a program that suites your child’s needs and abilities.

All the classes can be carried out at home while being live with an instructor. SMILE Camp will be conducting an array of different classes such as Science Labs, Math, Art and 3D printing. Forget your at-home office, it is time for your at-home lab! To check out SMILE Camps schedule and register your child for classes, you can click here.

SMILE Camp classes allow for children to experiment with different elements and embrace subjects that may seem dull or boring. During these unique times, it is important to the instructors at SMILE Camp to help children learn, grow and find their passions whether it is in-person or online.



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