SMILE Camp is EXPLODING in the Triangle

SMILE Camp Engines

This isn’t a regular summer camp… it is an explosive camp. A camp where there an exploding racket ball isn’t the only fun and exciting experiment that students are learning about. This camp inspires students from K-12 to have a passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM). What camp is this? This explosive camp is SMILE camp.

Ten years ago, SMILE Camp was created to address the needs of intellectually gifted students and help these students explore science with their peers. The camp began in the engineering labs and classrooms at NCSU. Over this time period, over 300 unique experiments have been completed by the students. These experiments have influenced thousands of students with a passion for STEAM.

The experiments that are conducted at SMILE camp are hands on and let the students explore and experiment together under the guidance of Engineering students from North Carolina State University. The camp has over 30 options for students to choose from. It is priority that the camps have applicable options for all ages which is why SMILE Camp provides camps from Kindergarten all the way to 12th Grade.

With over 30 options for parents and students to choose from, parents don’t need to worry if there is something for their child. The students that attend the camps who are in elementary school will learn science can be fun and exciting while students attending SMILE camps who are in middle or high school will have the opportunity to build an electric vehicle and tour college campuses. And these are only a few of the options to choose from….

But, what does a day look like at a SMILE Camp? Students will arrive before 8:30am and will hit the ground running, diving straight into experiments. They also receive lab notebooks and compete for prizes based on the data, notes and illustrations they create from their experiments. Throughout the day everyone has time to work in their lab notebooks and enjoy team building events which foster new friendships. At the end of the day students have time to discuss their work, play chess, the piano or other games they enjoy.

Camps are offered throughout the year for Track-out students and Summer Camps are offered June through August.  Students have the option to attend weeklong camps or just one day (teacher workday). Due to different school schedules, SMILE camp makes sure to have an available option for every student.

Professions within Science, Engineering and Technology are in high demand as our different sectors adopt more technology day to day. SMILE Camp understands this and fosters a love and passion for STEAM subjects in their students which  will ultimately serve them throughout their education and beyond.

If your child is interested in STEAM subjects, then SMILE camp is the place for them. Or if your child is just looking for a fun, unique and exciting place to grow then SMILE camp is a great option as well.

To explore all the different programs provided for Track-outs and over the summer at SMILE camp head on over to The instructors at SMILE Camp can’t wait to grow and nurture a passion for STEAM programs with your children and help them realize the excitement that is tied to those subjects.



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SMILE Camp Engines
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