SAU Reduces Tuition for Students by 15%

Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) is reducing its tuition by 15% starting this year during the fall semester. This makes the HBCU (Historically Black College and Universities) one of the more affordable private colleges in the region.  According to a press release from the school, the reduction applies to in-state, out-of-state, and new and returning students. The cost for non-boarding students will decrease from $12,80 to $10,957. This will save them $1,934. In today’s economy, most families need schools that are a perfect choice in the area of affordability. The newly reduced tuition addresses this concern for those families. The University is 100% committed to giving their students the best education at an affordable price in the southeast.

Dr. Gaddis Faulcon, Interim President at SAU, said that the institution is aware of a family’s concern with finding a school that provides a quality education they can afford. “We are keenly aware of our parents’ and students’ desire to have access to higher education that is affordable but does not compromise on quality and credibility,” Dr. Faulcon stated. “This tuition adjustment is in direct response to what we see on our campus.”In addition to the lowered tuition, SAU will continue to offer all academic and performance-based scholarships to students that qualify. Also, the majority of students will receive grant money in their financial aid packages. All of this will help prevent many families from paying out-of-pocket costs.

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