Musicians Learning Center is offering Virtual Classes

Due to the current environment parents around the country are having to homeschool their children while also balancing their busy work schedules. This has been adjustment for many parents. Schools in North Carolina have sent their students pre-recorded lessons to follow along to and some are conducting live classes as well.

While schools in the local area have done a great job about navigating online classes and homework for students many children have lost some of their favorite extra-curricular activities due to stay-at-home orders. However, a few local businesses have moved their ‘lessons’ and ‘camps’ online to make sure children continue to nurture their passions while also continuing their education outside of their regular lesson-based learning.

For many people music is a form of therapy during difficult times or an escape for an hour or two. Since stay-at-home orders continue to be in full effect for the foreseeable future many students may have missed out on some of their musical lessons.

Musicians Learning Center recognizes that for many an hour a day or more to focus on something they enjoy can be therapeutic. Similar to SMILE Camp, Musicians Learning Center will be conducting their lessons via Zoom. Each student will get one-on-one attention with one of Musicians Learning Centers experienced teachers. To schedule your lesson today, you can reach out, call or text 919-845-6770, or request more info at

If you don’t believe me well don’t worry—Mandy Moore (from ‘This Is Us’) created a little message for the students at The Musicians Learning Center—which you can check out below:

As well as amazing music lessons at home, SMILE Camp is offering several learning experiences content remotely. All of the classes are able to be carried out at home while being live with an instructor. SMILE Camp will be conducting an array of different classes such as Science Labs, Math, Art and 3D printing. Each of the classes are able to be done at home. Forget your at-home office, it is time for your at-home lab!

SMILE Camp will be utilizing Zoom for each of their classes. Each class is recorded so if a lesson is missed each student can go back and watch the class and conduct the experiments/ art project on their own. To check out SMILE Camps schedule and register your child for classes, you can click here.

Local businesses have done a wonderful job navigating these unique circumstances to make sure that local customers are able to maintain some normalcy in their routines. While local residents are at home and it feels as if there are more hours in the day, SMILE Camp and Musicians Learning Center are a great option for children to learn and grow in a unique way during stay-at-home orders. While we are at home let’s continue to experiment and continue to make music!



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Due to the current environment parents around the country are having to homeschool their children wh...Read More