Get Your BBQ Fix at Any of These Locations

What type of barbecue do you prefer? This is a topic that bonds people or can divide them. Do you like Eastern style barbecue? Or would you rather a more Lexington style barbecue? Some say EITHER barbecue is yummy any which way you have it! Others can be very opinionated, and it is Lexington or the highway!

If you aren’t particularly knowledgeable about barbecue, you are probably a bit confused and asking… is there a difference? Eastern style barbecue is primarily vinegar based with pepper flakes, while Lexington style barbecue adds sweetness to the vinegar with a tomato sauce or brown sugar. The styles differ in how they are cooked and require different types of wood to create their unique flavors, which is why so many are passionate about the barbecue they prefer.

However, we can all agree that barbecue is the quintessential summer meal. It’s the meal to eat with your family in the backyard, or you throw together and eat at a park with friends. It is easy to eat and is always a crowd pleaser.

Although social distancing is still being encouraged and gathering in larger groups remains restricted. Summer is here and barbecue in the backyard sounds more appealing than ever. North Carolina is home to many incredible barbecue spots. Maybe you have a favorite local spot and want to branch out and support a different local barbecue spot. Below are a few barbecue spots to take advantage of.

Food trucks are a new and popular way to deliver delicious food to customers. These trucks aren’t locked to one spot which can be a blessing to new customers and curse to loyal eaters. Corner Boys BBQ is a food truck that delivers delicious BBQ to customers all around. Customers can track down where Corner Boys BBQ will be setting up shop on Instagram & can head over to their website for more information and catering bookings.

If you are looking for a somewhat more sophisticated take on barbecue, The Pit is located in downtown Raleigh. Each day The Pit cooks up several whole hogs and cooks them in a vinegar base. However, for barbecue lovers that are not married to the vinegar-based barbecue, don’t worry! The Pit provides additional sauce options for customers. As of right now The Pit provides curbside pick-up for customers and can be ordered through DoorDash.

Sometimes the family feel of a barbecue joint is what you are looking for. Customers want to feel like family. Well, Backyard BBQ Pit in Durham gives customers just that. This local barbecue joint is covered in writing from past customers singing their praises of the delicious barbecue. The sandwich special is a favorite amongst those that give this family-run business a try. You can checkout their menu on their website.

Juicy ribs tend to come to mind first when some think of barbecue. Clyde Cooper’s BBQ has been a staple in North Carolina and primarily the Triangle since 1938. This barbecue joint has won several awards and is a hometown favorite for many. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 this local staple is closed. You can continue to support this local business by purchasing gift certificates as well as heading to their pop-up barbecue spot on the corner of Penny Road and Holly Springs road. Check it out here.  North Carolina is home to so many wonderful barbecue joints and as mid-summer approaches, the craving for a summer barbecue is becoming more and more appealing. Get your barbecue fix at any of these wonderful local spots!