Enjoy These Locally Owned and Delicious Snacks While At Home

As you spend more time at home, there are a few locally made snacks to add to your kitchen. They have all fed North Carolina families for a while and are popular for every age group. Each product is delicious and goes perfect with activities at home such as a movie night, arts and crafts or even just a day to lounge around. From salty snacks like kettle chips to sweet treats like cookies, the options are limitless. These locally owned snack companies have won over many customers with their unique flavors and homemade taste.

HotSugarPop LLC is a kettle corn company started by Will and Tiffany Glass when they were searching for the best snacks for their son, Tye.  The family tried their own kettle corn recipes that agreed with Tye’s food allergies. From there, they popped enough to share with coworkers and friends, who encouraged them to sell the product. They carry numerous flavors of their amazing kettle corn from cheddar, cookies & crème, butter, birthday cake, and even Kandy Lime Pie. The Kandy Lime Pie flavor was inspired by Key Lime Pie and has pieces of crust mixed in with each bite of the sweet kettle corn. Based in Fayetteville, NC, HotSugarPop has a store located in Cross Creek Mall. Also, they are sold at local retailers and appear in farmer’s markets in the area including the Dirtbag Ale’s Farmer’s Market.

Carolina Kettle Chips are naturally crispy chips in bags that the entire family can enjoy. The first Carolina Kettle chip was made by Josh Monahan, a graduate of North Carolina State University. Josh’s vision for Carolina Kettle was to continue his family tradition in the snack food industry by developing products in order to give back to local food banks. Each chip is made with 100% Carolina flavor that leaves customers wanting to try more. They are hand cooked in Carolina spices and herbs to develop flavors such as Down East Carolina BBQ, Outer Banks Sea Salt, “Mama Gin” Dill Pickle, Coastal Crab Boil and more! Customers can order 5 oz. bags, combo packs, or in cases of 20. Carolina Kettle’s retail store is in Raleigh, NC on Hillsborough Street. Customers can also order online.

Tonya’s Cookies began very early when founder, Tonya Council, tried out different recipes in her grandmother’s restaurant. Her grandmother would crack pecans and make pecan pies, so Tonya drew her inspiration from her. She made cookies that tasted like her grandmother’s pecan pies. At that point, she developed her own Pecan Crisps. They are freshly baked with locally-sourced ingredients that her customers love! The homemade treats are sweet with each bite and gives customers a taste of the South. Tonya has chocolate pecan crisps, peanut brittle cookies, white chocolate pecan crisps, and peppermint chocolate pecan crisps that are a pleasure to have during the holidays. Customers can order them in cookie tins, jars, or samplers. For groups or larger parties, Tonya has catering options with trays of desserts, breads and cheeses. Also, she serves ice cream sundaes and beverages like Mango Peach Punch, Southern Peach Iced Tea, and coffee. Tonya’s famous cookies can be bought online and are served in the Chapel Hill restaurant, Mama Dip’s.