Advantages of An Organized Closet

Have you ever stepped into your closet and felt overwhelmed? Perhaps you had that experience with your garage. You spent countless minutes searching for a tool you couldn’t find so you went to buy a new one only to find the same tool a few months later. It can be incredibly frustrating and each time you vow you will reorganize. But then life happens and it gets put off. And the cycle continues…

Yet, having an organized home can offer many benefits to your daily routine and improve your happiness. Here are some key benefits to having an organized home:

  1. Have you ever spent too much time searching for that black top in the morning or fighting to find the right spot to squirrel away your jeans on wash day? An organized closet is a big-time saver. Being able to walk into your closet  and see everything at a glance is not only convenient but also calming. Plus, you can shave minutes from  your daily routine!
  2. An organized closet can also be a money saver. Seeing all your items at a glance will give you a better idea of the items you have. You will be able to go through each shelf and identify each item you own so you can guarantee you won’t be buying any duplicate items or new clothes that you may not need.
  3. One thing that comes with an organized closet is more SPACE. You will immediately notice that with an organized closet, pantry or any other room for that matter, that each will feel more spacious. To have an organized space means less clutter and each item will have a spot,  making it easy to recognize and use as well as being aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Clutter can create stress. With busy schedules and high demands at work the last thing we want is for our homes to cause additional stress when we return home to unwind. To be able to open the door to your closet, room and pantry and have it bring a smile to your face, every time, is the ultimate goal.

The Design Consultants at Closet Factory want to make sure that each time you walk through the door you feel as if you have the room of your dreams. Closet Factory’s consultants are here to help you with all your custom organization needs for your home, office, closet, kitchen, guest room, you name it. Even the consultations are stress-free; you get an ala carte list of design and aesthetic options and YOU control the look and price of your project.

Closet Factory is unique in that the 3D design you create with your Design Consultant not only shows you exactly what your project will look like, it is actually used to custom manufacture your project locally in Apex.  Also, since the installation teams at Closet Factory consist of only full-time, expert employees, you can rest assured that your newly organized space will be installed quickly and efficiently by experts in their field.

Closet Factory is located at 2031 Production Drive, Apex, NC 27539.  If you are interested in organizing a room in your home, don’t hesitate;  take the first step in creating the room of your dreams! You can either call 919-773-8990 or click here to schedule your consultation. 



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